Welcome & thank you for visiting I am Alexia, Founder & CEO. Award Winning Operational Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Business Liaison. Motivated by a commitment to evolution; Milestone Pros, LLC launched in April of 2017.


Milestone Pros, is a Professional Evolution Agency. Through our core competencies to educate, engage and empower; we work with individual professionals on career exploration & job placement and with businesses on Remote Operations Solutions & Brand exposure.

Over the past few years since our launch, we've been blessed to create and sustain many phenomenal & profitable relationships, which have allowed us to provide more opportunities for growth to others.​


I've experienced losses and gains personally and professionally; and it's through the encouragement of family & friends, continued education, mentors & experience, my own evolution continues.

Come Partner with the Pros, your breakthrough is here, let's EVOLVE Together!

Thank you,

Alexia Doumbouya

My background has been as a leadership member in many areas of operations & sales; achieving phenomenal results, developing award winning teams and implementing client engagement initiatives along the way.


Founder & CEO

Most recently Milestone Pros expanded our community impact, facilitating youth development programs in partnership with local city-funded organizations in Philadelphia. The workshops enrich the lives of our teenage students by exposing and reinforcing: Life Skills, Financial Principles, Career Exploration, Leadership, College Prep, Microsoft/Tech Essentials and Self-fulfillment in an interactive way.

I couldn't be more excited about the way God is allowing us to blossom. The future of Milestone Pros, LLC is bright; our partnerships are vast and our network is expanding consistently, providing us with even more opportunity to evolve right alongside our Gemstones!

~Alexia O. Doumbouya


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