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What I was looking for and valued the most, was someone that can support with both career coaching and recruiting.

I was interested in someone with a broad knowledge, career wise, and experienced in the pharma patient health industry. Someone that showed enthusiasm and kept me motivated. A great listener with attention to details and highly responsive, and responsible.


I felt very comfortable asking questions and being vulnerable with my weaknesses in terms of career strategy, networking and developing key relationships as needed.

Anila Ndreu New Jersey

I'm great! I know nothing about resumes and what they should or shouldn't look like. After seeing Alexia speak about resumes I made it a point to reach out to her. The process was seamless and very affordable. My resume looks amazing. I was very impressed with the outcome. My resume was called "beautiful", so that speaks for itself and I accepted the new position in Tallahassee, Fl. 

Brandi R. Hudson Florida

I am so grateful for the support Milestone Pros gave as I launched my brand.​​

Helping me organize my social media pages and setup an application with payment options was awesome. I know there is much more we will partner on, but the way they took the time to work with me and take some things off my busy plate was truly a blessing.

Taquana Ferguson Pennsylvania

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