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Pennsylvania Wellness Coalition

Healthy Resolutions for Community Evolution

The Pennsylvania Wellness Coalition is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support Covid-19 Testing, Vaccine Distribution, Compliance Education and Wellness Strategies. 


There are more than 4 million people residing in the five-county region (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties) and more than 1.5 million in Philadelphia, making it the second-largest city on the East Coast and the sixth-largest city in the country.

Meet The Team

Community Gardening

Test, vaccinate, educate and employ. We will ensure community members are aware of their Covid-19 status, offer the vaccine to help minimize the adverse effect of Covid-19 and help build up more “herd immunity”. We will also educate, provide resources, and address wellness and primary care needs within the community, especially those with high concentration of African American and Latinx residents, using a medical mobile unit. We have partnered with several public and private organizations throughout these counties to ensure convenient access to these services is available for all within these counties.

Sanitizing Surfaces

In an effort to further support our communities, we will enhance the workforce through our “Safely Open Sanitation,” (S.O.S.) program. This program will provide sanitation education, to ensure businesses are properly trained on how to safely reopen to the public. With an increased need for sanitation workers and corporate trainers to ensure compliance, this program will also provide employment and business opportunities. In conjunction with our Leadership workshops (focus on Leadership Styles, Emotional Intelligence & Customer Experience) we intend to ensure organizations are able to function at a high-level with enhanced performance.

Drive Through Grad

As our communities become more knowledgeable, they also become confident. They are able to make more informed decisions for their families. President Biden's plan is to offer testing, vaccinations and improve the economy. We are confident together we can thrive, overcoming any obstacles ahead. We are ready to partner in delivering effective Covid-19 support solutions

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Pictured (starting w/top row, from left to right)

Tei Pearson, Kimberly Highsmith & Ericalynn Cotton.

Rev. Leroy Miles, Alexia Doumbouya & Moussa Doumbouya.

Keith Carney, Robyn Murphy & Lydia DeBrest-Madison.


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