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Generocity feature

Power moves: Major changes for three women in leadership roles
Beth Miller leads the Community Design Collaborative, Erika Guadalupe Núñez heads up Juntos, and Alexia Doumbouya leads the Philly chapter of Walker's Legacy. Plus, power moves at LISC Philly, Hopeworks Camden, and more.


The Philadelphia Inquirer 

Parent Trip: Lots of connections for Lexi and Moussa Doumbouya

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Walker's Legacy

Success Profile: Meet Alexia Doumbouya, Walker’s Legacy Philadelphia City Director

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WURD Radio

What a great time and interview with Andrea A Lawful Sanders!

Catch the full show on WURD Radio

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Thera Martin

Check us out with Thera Martin

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WDASFM Podcast Patty & The Millennials 

Lexi of the @legacypodcastphilly hanging on @wdaspatty & the Millennials!!⠀

Wellness Wednesday! We are talking Happiness, rising early & how the world can be a better place.⠀

#wellnesswednesday #happiness #joytotheworld #blackgirlpodcast #wellreadblackgirl #wellnessjourney

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Philadelphia 2018 Auto Show

The Legacy grabs a special interview with Skylar, Miss West Chester @misswestchesterintl2019 who is also running for Miss Pennsylvania March 2019!!!!

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WinTradeweek day 4 seminar event at the Royal Bank of Scotland, London.
Alexia Azogu, business consultant out of Philidelphia US, provides the delegates with some sound advice during her valuable contribution as guest speaker.

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